Back-up Vocal~ I’m a great fan of the 70’s Radio DJ stereotype. “WKRP In Cincinnati” is one of my favorite old shows. I worked off and on in various aspects of radio for several years, and that show was one of the reasons why I got into the field. Podcasts are all the rage these days, and there are a few with hosts who seem to carry on the gestalt of those 70’s radio personalities. That ideal is one of the elements which inspired this particular strip. 
To one degree or another, Bo is right. The Prog Rock music world has always been an uphill battle. Most record labels don’t know what to do with Prog  and they really have no clue how to promote it. So, a balance of both extreme grandiosity and subtle finesse have both been employed by Prog bands to reach the public.  The amount of energy and courage demanded to even BE a Prog band is so daunting, that only the most dedicated of musicians even stick to it at all. As a gesture of thanks to our boys: true believers join me for THE DBS 3 SALUTE! (newbies, see Mannyacs #41)