Back-up Vocal~ I offer yet another installment, inspired by my Karaoke Queen, Kelly. On a recent excursion to one of the local taverns for a night of song, we were struck by the number of tunes they did not have on tap. While Kelly keeps a running list of songs she wants to sing, I keep a list of favorite songs so obscure, that most karaoke places would never carry them in the first place. When I run across one that I am shocked to discover Kelly and I both know about, it gets stored in the memory banks for use in the “Mannyacs” world. One example was an old Suzi Quatro/Chris Norman duet. It popped into my head, and I was shocked to learn that Kelly had already had the same song in the back of her mind for a few days. Those moments are just priceless.
I’ve really never been a Kiss fan. However, my buddy Dave is a HUGE fan and well versed in their legend. I’m lead to understand that their Disco hit was one of the most POLARIZING moments in their history, among their devotees. Beloveds, that’s cannon fodder waiting to happen. It just did.