Back-up Vocal~ In recent months, I have found that Podcasting has become the new stomping
ground for a number of Stand-Up Comics. Mostly, I am finding Video Podcasts which others have
posted on youtube. Admittedly, I don’t know much about Video Podcasting at all. But, it seems to me that essentially, it equates to having a personal TV channel, opening the doors for conversation on a wide range of  topics, and even promotion for merchandise.
So, it struck me that Manny and the boys should really have their own Web channel. Soxx was THE ONLY
choice as the right and proper candidate to set it all up  and launch the first transmission.
Consider this an open invitation to make your own phone camera videos, in which you give the DBS 3 salute! You,Dear Readers, are welcome to email them to me at the address below. I want to see who all is out there!