ROLL CALL- They’re With The Band

Guitar Heroes:

Steve Howe, Neal Schon, Neil Zaza, Steve RotheryTravis LarsonTony Janflone Jr, Eric Johnson, Larry Mitchell, Keith Scott, Brian MaySteve Howe, Steve Howe, Steve Howe…”

Goal: “Sonic Liberation of Spirit!
The World needs Guitar WIZARDRY!
By Jookie, I’M the one to provide it!






Drum Heroes:

Max Roach, Bernard PurdiePeter Criss, Levon Helm, Ian Mosley, Neal Peart, Michael CartelloneSheila E, Nick Menza, Jeff Porcaro, Dale Moon, Greg BissonetteMike Portnoy.”

Goal: “To provide the marching beat for the
forth-coming MANNY-FESTO! DIG IT, BABY!!!!”







Bass Guitar Heroes:

Pete Trewavas, James Jamerson, Chris Squire, Nathan East, Tony Levin, T.M. Stevens, Jennifer Young, Stu HammDavid Ellefson, Bootsy, GeddyGreg LakeMatt Bissonette, John WettonDave LaRue, Rutger Gunnarsson

Goal: “What’s all this MANNY-FESTO insanity?! I signed on to play Bass, NOT storm The freakin’ Bastille!”







Favorite Perduuucers:

Quincy Jones, Chris Kimsey, Michael TretowAndy Johns, Michael HunterDave Meegan, Eddie Offord, Dainel Lanois, Sandy PearlmanRon NevisonMike Stone, Roy Thomas Baker, Nile Rodgers, Bob ClearmountainBrian Wilson.”

Goal: “To sell more records than ABBA.”








Favorite Roadie:

“What on God’s green earth is a Roadie?!”

Former Profession:
“Super Hero type dude.”

Goal: “Fame. Fortune. Glory. Street Cred. Babes.
A World Wide Ticker Tape Parade. In MY Honor!”