About Mannyacs

“Mannyacs” rose from the ashes of a boring office job with a police station in one of Pittsburgh, PA’s wealthiest townships. After 3 years of Art school, and several more years of character development, the end result lies in the pages that follow.
Manny and Soxx were inspired by my own dogs, Simon and Caleb. Both were called back Home in the last few years. They were deeply loved and are always missed. They are still my babies and my brothers. My works allow me to pay tribute to these two beautiful souls who gave so much, so freely. Making “Mannyacs” enables me to keep the spirits of Simon and Caleb alive and bring them out to play again.

About The Creator, Pete Flood

I am a Pittsburgh, PA native with a life long love of comics. I nurture a 25-year-long “Guitar and Bass” magazine addiction and all those years of reading, coupled with work in the Radio field fueled my fascination with the mechanics of the music industry. 
I now know entirely too much about guitars for someone with no musical talent.
If you read my work and enjoy it, I am humbled and grateful.  
If you come to love Manny and Soxx the way I do, then I have TRULY done my job.
You who fall into that second column are my “Mannyacs”.
You’re one of US now!

Laurn Prewitt, the original Webmistress!

This site was brought to fruition by the tireless efforts of Ms. Lauren Prewitt.
Her vision and dedication in giving framework and structure to my chaos, made this site possible. After conquering my goals and putting up with me in the process, her seat as Chairwoman of The Board in a Golden Afterlife is beyond secure .
(Upon reading this, Ms. Prewitt got something in her eye. Thank you, Pete.)

Eric Murray, the web revamper:

WordPress hack, more of a computer repair guy, but tripped my way through Comic Easel plugin…
Several more folks must be given their proper credit and thanks.  
Jeff Smith, Barry Linck, Mike Wieringo, Humberto Ramos and Preston Blair. Additionally, Joshua Sager, Mark Rivett, Richard Haas, Scott McDaniel, Billy Tucci, Terry Moore, George Perez, Matt Wagner and Wayne Wise.
INTERGALACTIC thanks and love to Joanne and Sami Roth.
For their tireless and devoted support, I must also thank David Smythe, Franklin Bryan,
Tina Dugan, Rashanda Parham, Katie Lister, Jonita SaintLeger, Joseph McCombs, Ayo Roach,  Jen Gold, Laura Tonn, Katie Boyer, Christian Shields, Anthony Valenti (he likes to move-it move-it), Eric Murray, Brad Bosshart, Duncan Scott,Vickie Davis, Ralph Wilps, Michelle Byrnes, Sylvester Beerman, Henry Tucker, Josh Brown, Jonathan Carvell, Liz Hare, Kelly Blye,
Norma Nieto, Adam Withers, Comfort Love, George Dalzell, Winfrey Mandarino,
Professor Glenn Holland, Joe Shook, Anne Risa, Milestone Centers, The East Liberty Kinko’s, The Waterworks Caribou Coffee Crew, Rees Electric Guitars, Status-Graphite UK and Stormshadow Guitarworks.  
I must also declare eternal gratitude to Marillion, Neil Zaza, Joe Satriani, Collective Soul, Mark Knoplfer, Gipsy Kings, Gary Hoey, Eric Johnson, Journey, Marty Friedman, Blue Stone, Megadeth, Tony Janflone Jr., Robbie Robertson, Enigma and most especially, Asia. This vast gathering of GIANTS has provided untold hours of company and inspiration, via the MP3 Player. My explorations into the sketch book were fueled by their sonic visions.
Finally, I am compelled to offer heartfelt thanks, and a precautionary apology to Manny’s personal hero, The MIGHTY Steve Howe. All references to this innovative guitar genius,
are made with only the utmost respect. I pray for his generous sense of humor.
Here’s hoping he will accept the LIBERAL name dropping as the Shout-Out it is designed
to be.