Back-up Vocal~ I love giving my boys downtime, even if it is just a brief taste of calm between storms. This most recent tale developed with each member of the Mannyacs family getting immersed into roles which only intensified as the second DBS 3 album took shape. Now that they’ve returned to their more traditional definition of chaos, they are finding that it reunites them with breathing room they previously took for granted. I had not built a scene with any of the guys in their swimming pool before. While it was an extraordinarily short relaxing moment for Yoga Boy (does 1 Panel even count?), it was a challenge for yours truly. I felt empowered to stretch out and explore the notion of water waves with varying degrees of opacity. Good times.

From the beginning, the principle of sonic dynamics has driven the machinery underneath Manny’s dream for the new record. This latest project has not in ANY way become the “Three-Mocracy” Bo envisioned back in Comic #209. So, he joined up with Soxx in outsourcing further contributions to provide additional depth and dimension. How or even IF they are welcomed by our fearless leader remains to be seen. Based on several documentaries I’ve watched over the years, what the band is doing resembles how ABBA approached crafting many of their tunes. They would often hire arrangers to write strings or percussion to give their music more texture and life. The difference in their case was that all parties concerned were in on the decision for the good of a song. My guys go renegade on each other and deal with the fallout later. Giants do have a (pardon the pun) sizable presence in Norse mythology and this particular moment finally gave me a place to include them in the canvas. I don’t know for sure that a wind tunnel franchise would be a lucrative arena to pursue. If I ever find there is extra bank waiting there, I just may try to scrounge up some cheddar and invest.

The ending of our latest installment was inspired by real timing in my own life. I have frequently mentioned that I play TV series on DVD for background noise whilst creating Mannyacs adventures. I was finishing a “Longmire” marathon as Panel 4 loomed on the horizon and that lit the spark in my head. So, it felt completely natural to include a Shout-Out to the show. Especially, since it comes with an astounding performance from His Lou-Ness himself. By no means our first nod to Mr. Phillips. You may rest assured, it won’t be our last.