Back-up Vocal~ At last, we reach the much storied and highly anticipated “showdown” between Manny and Bo. This little pow wow has been some time in coming. These two screaming at each other like banshees might have had merit from a distance and it would have been easy to write. But, I ultimately decided the meeting called for finesse. Especially, because it had to both resolve current tensions and bridge the gap to the next new story. There was a considerable amount riding on this Comic, so letting it develop on its own and even craft itself was the best approach to take. If their stand-off happened first, the dynamics and teamwork demanded for all the straggling plot pieces still in need of closure would have been much more awkward to resolve.  A friend recently told me how much they’ve enjoyed the story arc of these last 9 Comics. To be honest, I never thought of them as any kind of arc. For me, they were a collection with a simple design in mind: tie up loose ends from the previous 2 real stories. The challenge was addressing all of those elements within such a limited structure and framework. I wound up finding a host of new tangents for a fresh batch of side trails that I forced myself to shelve for a later date. The goal was to start Comic #210 with an absolutely clean slate. My job was to wrangle all the thoughts in my ADHD riddled brain and streamline the most crucial factors into a straight trajectory. God willing, readers will feel I pulled it off.  

True, our Manny has been placed in considerably difficult personal straits in recent tales. How well he has weathered them is a matter of opinion. Bo clearly needed the chance to “flex” and he has absolutely earned it, after so many adventures have forced him to be the stable, steady ground wire of the band. As for his Sal Amato/Eddie Wilson reference, I can only offer one thought: That’s a “my generation” thing. Folks who are “of a certain age” like myself will get it.  If there are any “yougins” all up in the hizzouse, go ask your parents to explain. Ultimately, it speaks to Bo’s yearning to grow as a musician and paint with a broader spectrum of colors. He wants to do more than just provide foundation for Manny’s guitar theatrics. I get it. In fact, that’s why ALL the members of Yes made solo and side project records through the years. So, if the only way for Bo to really make his statement was to embark on a solo album with band full of ducks, replete with a bassoon player (remember him?), then I will let him bust that groove. It certainly sent a message. Whether or not it leads to improved communications among his own kith and kin and how it might impact future DBS 3© music remains to be seen.