Back-up Vocal~ Over time, I’ve been graced with a handful of recurring jokes infusing a certain amount of rhythm and depth to the adventures in Mannyacs. Perhaps they were character quirks or an offhand comment from one of my boys that grew legs and ran on its own. I’ve spilled a fair amount of ink with several of them. While they are always fun in solo form, moments when an existing staple couples well with a new one are even better. The scones thread from our previous tale has proven itself to be a gift that keeps on giving. It connected beautifully with the apples deployed in Comic #215. In addition, Bo does speak a certain amount of truth. Several months ago, YouTube suggested an older celebrity cooking segment on “LIVE! with Kelly”, featuring Lou Diamond Phillips. Turns out, our guy knows his way around the kitchen and prepared a summer grill meal as part of a cooking contest for charity. After watching, several pieces fell into place in my noggin, ultimately bringing this Comic to life. 

As mentioned in the last “Back-Up Vocal”, timing played a pivotal role. I had just finished a “Longmire” marathon and it made sense for a few of my boys to start one. No snack would accompany such a glorious viewing safari better than pastries made from a recipe endorsed by the culinary mastermind who played Hank Standing-Bear with such class. Especially since an untold bounty of leftover apples was already available and future polar bear populations somehow hang in the balance. I understand it’s a matter of conservation. Yet, I’m still scratching my head on the finer details at work. So, if anyone among my readers can take the connection Soxx made between the two camps and explain it to me, I’m game to listen. Is cinnamon from Tampa truly better than the black market variety from Crete or anywhere else? Were he here, Lou would know the difference, and I suspect he would say “buy American”. Rumor has it, Lou is a polar bear kinda guy and they would agree with him, too. I was a great fan of the “Stargate Universe” TV series. For those who missed out, imagine “Lost” meets “Battlestar Galactica”. It was a unique idea for a show. Sadly, it only ran for a mere 2 Seasons. Yet, Lou and the rest of the cast were fantastic. Get your hands on it and watch for yourself. 

I must always offer a Shout-Out to my dear, sweet Moldova when I can. Several years back, a few of their kind souls stumbled across my fledgling Interweb creation. They found enough value in it to indulge in my campfire stories of Manny and the gang. So, I bring them love as the chance presents itself. In closing, it does seem that the life of the DBS 3 “Perduuucer” can be a lonely affair. Hours, days, or even weeks may be spent engulfed in tear-wrenching, solitary soundboard work, whilst others are a’whoopin’ it up with cowboy dramas and warm, baked, fruity treats. Not exactly the party our Yoga Boy envisioned back at Splendorland University. Spare a thought for him. He must forgo his treasured “Lou-llapalooza”, for the good of a supreme artistic vision he must harness to enrich the headphones of the world.