Back-up Vocal~ By now, it’s been well established that a Splendorland University education is……suspect at best. The school offers a broad range of majors from the lunatic fringes of the Culinary Arts, to excruciating examination of 70’s Saturday morning cartoon subtext. It’s a safe bet that a degree in ANY field from dear, sweet Splendor U, carries about as much weight as a Political Science major from any university in the country. Lest we forget, our very own Tully T. Tully proudly holds a major in History of Lithuanian Pastries, which he is convinced qualifies him to craft and shape the sonic landscape created by a Rock band full of dogs. 

I admit to more than my share of bafflement at the larger picture myself. This particular Comic, was inspired by ads for music schools frequently found in guitar magazines. Personally, I have never met anyone who has attended any of the institutions promoted in those pages. Still, this felt like an opportune moment to take a crack at offering a “Zoop Magazine”  presentation of the concept. We do see roadies or band music techs featured in the print world. But, not too often in the ads. Thus, bringing Hapler to the party felt like the right direction to explore.

In early 2001, Transatlantic were touring for their first album, and a live 2 Disc DVD was released to celebrate it. The bonus features on the second DVD, features a live performance of the band playing all the movements of Pink Floyd’s “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”, on the Tama Drum stage at that year’s Winter N.A.M.M. (National Association of Music Merchants). You can find it on youtube easy enough and it’s well worth seeing. The musicianship is stunning. Plus, we get to see Pete Trewavas as the MONSTER talent he truly is on Bass guitar. That video inspired what became this Comic.  

Finally, we here at Mannyacs take pride in keeping our word. Way back in Comic #139 whilst our Soxx was designing the Manifold© Guitars stage for this here “Splendor U Hullabaloo” guitar show, you all were promised and “Ego Ramp”.

You GOT an “Ego Ramp”.