Back-up Vocal~ Like most others in the modern world, I have GPS program in my cell phone. I’ve never used it. Not once. No clue how to use it, either. Never really had a reason. Still, it’s one of the creature comforts technology affords. I would imagine that most Rock stars who are big enough to have their own tour bus, can let the driver worry about navigation from show to show. 

But, what about the new young musicians just starting out on their journey to stardom, driving themselves to gigs across the country? Surely, they must loose their way from time to time. It struck me that the one piece of gear I’ve never seen advertised in guitar magazines, is road navigation devices. Granted, with the explosion in cell phone programs, laptops and dashboard gizmos to offer direction, there may not be a need for additional options. Or, so one would think. But, we know that such modern convenience tech just won’t satisfy a tactile, industrious inventor like our Manny. So, he decided to take what wasn’t broken and fix it. Thus, Splendorland is blessed with the glorious skills and accommodations of the homemade and…….well, somewhat functioning Mannyfest-Destinator©. As we’ve seen thus far, its performance, abilities and results vary at best.

This most current story arc has been liberally peppered with shameless plugs for equipment from Manifold© Industries. That said, on the one occasion a GPS device might have been a boon to me while lost in Washington, PA, I ran across a sign that stopped me in my tracks. To anyone else, it would be just another street name. It would sail right by the conscious mind and rightfully so. But, to those of us to who subscribe to the Mannyacs© way of life, the moniker in question bears a completely separate and absolutely insular meaning all its own. I recognized the luuuuuverly serendipity of such a find. A picture was required, as proof that there is power in language. I dare you all to look at the word the same way ever again. So, it is a moral imperative that I share the attached photo with you all. Enjoy.