Back-up Vocal~ Guitar magazine ads often spotlight the particular type of wood housed in a given model. Because, it matters to the players. Various woods will invoke various types of sound, and sonic needs will vary according to a given musician. Knowing this is a vital selling point, companies pay particular attention to it.

What we don’t see most often, is much mention of where these woods are acquired. Perhaps to a larger degree, nobody really cares. The end result is what counts. This particular notion caught my attention when leafing through some recent issues of a publication or two. Couple that with various ads I spied for music schools in those same pages and my mind set to pondering. We know our beloved Manny as quite the industrious pup. His passion for his own Manifold© guitar designs has been on display from day one. Manny has built nothing short of a battalion of guitar models. Looking at the larger picture, I couldn’t help but wonder….where does he get all the wood for them? 

Thus, a unique and completely unorthodox opportunity for a “Zoop Magazine” ad presented itself, in the form of the Comic currently burning a canyon through your retinas. Combine an answer to the quandary with a Shout-Out to dear, sweet Splendor U! In addition, I was once again able to offer a wink and a nod to my six-string hometown hero, Tony Janflone Jr. Always a treat to include him in the festivities. Regarding the prospect of any crisis of conscience one may think our boy SHOULD feel in his business venture….you can call Manny an environmentally dubious privateer. He can take it. Because, he garners the scraps of others’ pillage and turns them in guitars built for World domination. Here at Mannyacs, we suggest you don’t loose any sleep over it. Manny won’t.