Back-up Vocal~ Once again, the British have opened my eyes. The March 2016 issue of Guitarist magazine out of England (David Bowie on the cover), featured a Round Table discussion with 4 heavy weights of the realm. Among them, Pittsburgh’s very own Reb Beach. During the discussion, Sir Reb made mention of the “ego ramp”, and then further discussion defined it. It’s been a staple of rock band stages for years and we’ve all seen it in music videos from concerts. But, I never knew it had a name. Until I read the article. My immediate thoughts went to bombastic 80’s bands, Bon Jovi topping the list. That’s when I knew I had to apply the concept in my little world. Since Soxx knows Manny would First, Second AND THIRD a vote for an “ego ramp”, he made it his personal crusade to design a stage that has one. Whether it’s for a concert or not.
Finally, because he’s been such a fantastic resource, I think I might need to HIRE Reb Beach and keep him on retainer. Then, pay him to tell me stories when the idea well runs low.