Back-up Vocal~ Another one inspired by a bout of insomnia. Lying in bed, waiting for sleep and what pops into my head? A 5 second clip of a song from Menudo?! I can’t fathom it either. Especially since I haven’t heard a single Menudo song since their music videos were part of the ABC Network Saturday Morning cartoon line-up in 1982. Well, when I get a song trapped in my head, the only way to jettison it is to hear it again. So, I jumped to youtube and played 6 Menudo songs until I found the right one and expelled it from my brain. Problem solved.  But, a surprising byproduct presented itself in the process….and I finally understood why the group always worked the way they did.

For the uninitiated, Menudo was a Boy Band from Puerto Rico. They always functioned under once guiding principle: as soon as one member’s voice changed, they were ousted and replaced by a new member. Now, don’t misunderstand the way I did. That rule WAS NOT put in place out of cruelty. It was enacted because the producers needed boys who could hit all the high notes in the band’s vocal harmonies. Once a singer’s voice changed, those notes were out of their reach and their slot was filled by a newer, younger singer. Yes, they were all talented, no question. But the powers-that-be were selling a brand. So, they had to invoke a protocol to propel it forward. Thus, the group roster was in a somewhat regular state of flux. Once that fact finally made sense to me, I knew I had to reference them in the Mannyacs world. 

As for the Shout-Out to Venetta Fields, take a trip down memory lane to Comic #114. She is part of the “Dark Side Of The Moon” legacy of Pink Floyd, too. 

Finally, the Tommy Smothers reference is a nod to his appearance on an episode of “The Green Room With Paul Provenza“. Wherein he….well…..kinda…..sorta…..yodels. 

This Comic really presented itself as a little epilogue to what is thus far, the longest story in Mannyacs history. It serves as parting shot on the road home. I’m more baffled than anyone else by the collection of disconnected notions that guided it, as they pinged, zinged and ricocheted like stray bullets bouncing off the walls inside the corn silo that IS my head.

Once again, thanks to all of you for joining us on the journey.