Back-up Vocal~ Ah, we finally see the triumphant return of the nod to Cousin Reego. It feels like hours since we’ve heard his name. I love letting my boys just riff on their past exploits and Cousin Reego is always the perfect spark for the detonation of a Manny and Soxx adventure. Indeed, through no contribution on my part, Cousin Reego has become his own Institution in the “Mannyacs” pantheon. It was made clear to me that he plans be the stuff of legend with or without my assistance, and his name will contine to color the lyrics of folk songs, long after my ashes are scattered to the winds.
Apparently, it’s one of those “whichever comes first” sort of deals.
Finally, it is my sincere hope that my Travis Walton sub-reference will even make Dennis Miller proud of me. For the uninitiated, just look him up.