Back-up Vocal~ Through various points in history, guitars bearing custom paint jobs have held a place in our world. They’v seen inconsistent popularity, depending on the artist using them. The images themselves are as varied as the players who employ them. Psychedelic colors, stars, glitter, album covers and even digital camouflage have all been rendered. Joe Satriani has at least one guitar model with his own drawings adoring the body. Then, there is a personal favorite. My man, Neil Zaza, who has a few guitars with Spider-Man Comic Book cover artwork rendered on them. While, I in no way claim to have invented the concept of a guitar with a hidden image in the paint finish, I still opted to throw my hat in the ring and exploit the idea, the way Manny would.
Finally, why Blue Oyster Cult you ask? Because I recently finished reading Joe Satriani’s book, and he’d said that back in the late 80’s, he played some guitar tracks for the band on their “Imaginos” album, in exchange for some studio time to complete his own album he had in the works.