Back-up Vocal~ I don’t attend many events that make use of the “Charity Auction” phenomenon. On the rare occasion when I do, they are most often part a Holiday Season gathering, or a Comic Convention. Prizes tend towards standard fare: tickets, vacations, crates of wine or cheese. Of course, at Comic Conventions, the prizes lean towards the realm of geekdom. That’s Aces by me.
So, when I pondered the prospect of a Charity Auction item for the fundraiser event The DBS 3 are about to play, it made all the sense in the world that a Manifold© Guitar would find a way to the table. One might think, as I did, that Manny would object to one of his hand crafted guitars, raising money to pay the hospital bills for a gaggle of injured jugglers harboring no regard at all for traffic laws designed to protect them. After all, these are concussions which could EASILY have been avoided, if cooler heads prevailed. On the contrary. Seems our Manny ONLY objects to the notion that he can’t craft a Manfiold© Guitar WITHOUT a paint job that SCREAMS to be noticed.