Back-up Vocal~ My friend, Kelly and I share pretty eclectic taste in music. On the drive back from dinner out a few weeks ago, we got to talking about Chic and what an incredibly innovative band they really were. We hooked my phone to her car stereo, fired up youtube and cranked the extended version of “Good Times”. I was floored by the talent of Bernard Edwards. Disco gets a bad rap and most of it is pretty well deserved. However, Bernard Edwards was truly A GIANT on bass and he really deserves a Splendorland Shout-Out, along BRILLIANT Chic Guitarist, Nile Rodgers. It’s ironic that Manny holds such a sidelong view of Disco. Because, while Prog Rock and Disco may have little to do with each other as music genres, they share a VICIOUS predator in Punk.
Finally, “McDaniel” Dunes is a Shout-Out to Comic Book Artist, Scott McDaniel. An awesome fellow, whom I have admired for years, for his wonderous works on 90’s “Nightwing” Comics. He has always been super nice to me at Comic Cons. So, I made his name part of “Mannyacs” lore.