Back-up Vocal~ I’m no stranger to being asked where I unearth so much music and Pop Culture history. Anyone can take a walk through youtube find it. Seems I’m one of the few who actually does. But, the common misconception is that I just fabricate things. Not true at all. Yes, I’m known to embellish my own little pieces from time to time, such as that “Jimmy Osmond: Utah Commando Doll” mention in Comic Strip #70. That reference was an original, and it was my own little spoof on the insane explosion of Osmond Family merchandising, at the height of their popularity. Anything I can exaggerate to an extreme, is thrown on the table for examination. NOTHING is safe.
Having said that, my guys admire REAL people and accuracy matters. I don’t just invent history.
So, there may be those “Mannyacs” readers who are part of my generation, and old enough to remember Hal Linden as the star of “Barney Miller“. Turns out, Mr. Linden REALLY DID have a
Big Band back in the day. Look him up on youtube. He’s THE BOMB DIGGITY on Clarinet!