Back-up Vocal~ It feels like a mighty long time since Manny and the boys played a real, full-on gig. Completely overlook the fact that the show in question, was orchestrated for them by a celebrity anxious to inflict them on another State! All to merely renew and maintain his own serenity.
A gig is a gig. Particularly for a rookie band like The DBS 3. Lest we forget, this is a band specializing in the kind of 70’s Instrumental Space Rock THE 70’S NEVER WANTED. Even IN Tucson!
This new story arc opens the doors for a few older scripts which have sat on the bench far too long, waiting for their time. In addition, it offers room for the exploitation and SHAMELESS bastardizing, of some priceless bits of Prog Rock band lore. By a sheer gift of the Cosmos, they were recently dropped in MY lap, and INSTANTLY given a super snuggly seat at my table. The content is now completely Manny-fied and ready for use! Buckle up, children.