Back-up Vocal~ I love a Happy Accident. A knick knack born from a perceived mess in the moment, rising from the ashes to present itself as a new opportunity.
Such is the case with our new story. I was relieved to finish the previous arc, before it got out of hand. I was pleased with the ending, happy to place all those elements in their proper kitchen cabinet and be done with it. Then, a stray slice of bread of an idea found a way to a plate, dashed itself with cinnamon and metamorphed into a full new loaf of delicious toast. While I wasn’t looking. The result is the new story arc we now begin.  
Apologies in advance to any residents of Tucson who may be readers. I mean no offence here. In truth, I’ve always wanted to visit your mystical spot and have yet to make it there. It just seemed like the ideal setting for a Non-Profit, DBS 3 gig to go completely sideways. Trust me, it will.