Back-up Vocal~ While I have deeply enjoyed developing and writing this current story arc, it was begun without an ending in sight. Ultimately, I was concerned that it was getting away from me. Recently, I finished watching a few fantastic TV series, which were derailed for this exact same reason. In each case, the writing lost all direction, and the shows were sadly canceled. “Mannyacs” is far to special to me to allow for such a prospect. So, I did my best to learn from what I felt I had witnessed. It took some time, but I felt I found a way to finish this particular tale, in a fashion which makes me proud. It also offers the intended Shout-Out to Jonathan Banks and God willing, gets me out of any hot water with theSheen/Estevez family. It was fun to explore foreign waters
in story telling. However, the time has come to return our boys to what they know.
So, I breathe a clean sigh of relief. Because, anchored by a King Crimson/”Hee Haw” reference in 1 sentence, we’re back! Join us for free milkshakes on the green and pleasant hills of Splendorland!