Back-up Vocal~ This was another script I’ve had bouncing around in my head for several years, and I was finally able to plug it into the right context.
The thought of Hapler on the cusp of an identity crisis when divorced from his uniform and cape, has been a fun concept to develop. Frankly, the true depth of his instabilities on the subject, even disarmed ME! What surprised me even more, was discovering that a gang of “Falcon Crest” writers garnered their own table at these here festivities. True, “Wiseguy” and “Falcon Crest” were both part of the 1980’s family of CBS Television Network programs. Beyond that, I am unaware of any deeper connection between their personnel. Even on a social level…be it Network knitting clubs, square dances, Tupperware parties, etc. Having said that, perhaps Network weekend golf outings might have sparked a friendship between our Mr. Banks and the wordsmith crew of the aforementioned Soap Opera. I don’t know. Dang it, just give me some room to move on this one!