Back-up Vocal~ We begin a new chapter in “Mannyacs” folklore. I recently found the entire late 80’s “Wiseguy” tv series on youtube, and watched it all again. I was really struck by the wonderful performance of character actor, Jonathan Banks. Some of you may know his recent work, as Mike on the later Seasons of “Breaking Bad”. But, those among us who are….of a certain age, may remember him as Agent Frank McPike on “Wiseguy”. I then found a recent interview with Master Banks, and learned that he garnered several Emmy Award nominations for his “Wiseguy” role. This discovery convinced me that he was indeed BEYOND deserving of a Splendorland Shout-Out! So, we embark on a new story arc, to give the man his Propers. In a 20-30 times removed fashion.
A bit of clarification: Yes, “Mannyacs” is a webcomic about dogs in a Rock band. But, if I only focused on plots based in music, then I couldn’t explore whacky story arcs like this one. My boys have much more to discuss than just guitar solos. Dynamics, Beloveds. It’s all about Dynamics.