Back-up Vocal~ I was a fan of “Wings“. I thought it was a very funny sitcom, with a great cast. Well written and well performed all the way around. I had a bit of a crush on Crystal Bernard. For the most part, I tend to hitch my wagon to the Pop Culture references of the 70’s and 80’s. I don’t spend too much time reflecting on more current trends in my work. Because, in years to come, that will date it. Thus, it is somewhat uncommon for me to devote energies to references too far beyond about 1998. But, on rare occasion, I will dip further into the 90’s, if it serves the story arc.
A Shout-Out to Crystal Bernard more than qualifies.
It was necessary to tip my hat to Kevin Spacey, for his contributions to “Wiseguy“. Get your hands on the “Wiseguy: Mel Profitt Saga” (Season 1) and watch it for yourself. Astounding work from that fellow. And yes, Spacey does great impressions. Look into them on youtube.  Finally, the Maurice Chevalier reference is for my Grandad. He loved musicals and “Gigi” was one of his favorites.