Back-up Vocal~ I will admit it. The original idea for this comic strip, as the Back Cover for “Zoop Magazine”, was completely different. Unfortunately, due to spacing and scaling issues, it very quickly became clear that the concept simply wouldn’t work. So, I was stuck on how to replace it.
But, I finally woke up one morning and a totally different idea bounced into my head. Fully
formed, ready to rock. So, I built this new strip in one day. Trust me, this NEVER happens to me.
Beloveds, the lesson here is simple. When such a moment hits for you, ride that wave!
Yes, it is standard protocol to see new album ads in guitar magazines, with the music ready in all modern formats. CDs, Digital files, and some bands have even begun offering their newest works on Vinyl LPs again. You NEVER see bands offering their latest releases on 8 Track tape anymore.
But, with Manny and the boys being “Old School” as they are, we should expect nothing less.