Back-up Vocal~ I had created the original draft of this idea 3 years ago. I’ve wanted to re-work it and make it part of Mannyacs folklore ever since. After revisiting the original, I found even I couldn’t make sense of most of it anymore.  So, I salvaged what I could out of my writing on it, and built this whole new version. At various times over the last 3 years, there has been much more I have wanted to do with this idea. But, in stripping away all of the superfluous concepts, I found that this new version really has all it needs.
Again, the “Zoop Magazine” story arc, was inspired by a number of British guitar magazines, and their talent for honesty in their gear reviews. Essentially, I borrowed their approach, and jacked it up to the 20th Power. The “Zoop Magazine” idea itself, and the strips in this story arc, were really all leading up to this new one. Crafting the ads in the previous strips, allowed this notion to work itself out in my head. Given the time, the above strip showed me what IT wanted to be.