Back-up Vocal~ Look through any guitar magazine, and here is what you see: ads for guitars, basses, cables, amps and sound effects pedals. Even guitar picks and straps.
What you WON’T see, is ads from bands hocking their own line of swag- shirts, caps, posters, etc.
Because, it’s self-serving, tacky and utterly VERBOTEN! Besides, we have websites for that.
Since all other members of the Mannyacs family got their own advertisement in the pages of “Zoop Magazine”, Tully needed one, too. So, it felt more than fitting for the band to commit a complete music industry taboo, and exploit the loyalty of their long haired compatriot, to sell DBS 3 merch.
As for the Chuck Woolery bit? Come on, now. The man is an Icon. I’d be a pretty sorry excuse for a Pop Culture pundit, if I didn’t find a way to cite him.