Back-up Vocal~ I loved the notion of giving each of my characters a spotlight in the magazine ads.
Ad #3- Traditionally, Roadies are not featured in guitar magazine ads. Usually, we get a musician photographed with the gizmo in question, along with a few words from them about why they use the contraption, and what it does for their sound. Standard approach. We at Mannyacs, feel that such formulas were devised to be pummeled to Holiday gravy. So, a Hapler appearance was a must.
Ad #4- Because Manny doesn’t make drums, I had to find another way to bring Soxx to the party. So, I gave him the ad for Manifold© Amps. I’m a life long Bob Seger fan. True, his place in Rock History is beyond secure. The man is drowning in Classic songs. However, I’ve always felt that his early 90’s album, “The Fire Inside” remains a truly underrated gem. So, I felt compelled to reference it. Which Web Comic throws an East Coast Bob Seger Shout-Out? Guilty.