Back-up Vocal~ We reach the collection of “Zoop Magazine” ads. This next round of strips let me take a few of my older “One-Shot” image ideas, and recreate them with a new context. 
Ad 1: If any of you lovely readers REALLY want to know what inspired this one, get your hands on a copy of “Homicide: Life On The Street” Season 5, and watch the “Deception” episode. A line from Detective Kellerman sparked the concept. So, this first ad, is my tribute to David Simon, for giving us one of the most incredible Cop Drama shows ever made.  
Ad 2: Several years ago, in an old “Progression” Magazine, I read and interview with bass guitar legend, Billy Sheehan. He made a comment to the effect that anytime he plays with a drummer new to him, he grabs his bass, picks a spot and scopes that drummer like a bank security guard watching a street thug. Sing it with me: “It was so good, I had to use it”. Ad 2 is my answer.