Back-up Vocal~ Ahh, we reach the cover for “Zoop Magazine”. The Deluxe First Issue, devoted ENTIRELY to Manifold© Guitars and the already legendary DBS 3. I had broader plans for this strip. My original idea was to present the front AND back cover of the issue. Unfortunately, the file size for the back cover was so GARGANTUAN, that I couldn’t save it, and that was before the image was even fully built. I won’t kowtow to software demands, and give up on a concept out of hand. Especially when the front cover was already finished, and I must admit I’m very pleased with it. Enter the notes on either side of the cover image itself. They seemed to do the trick nicely, yes?
This one was a real delight to make, as it let me pay homage to some of the band’s past exploits. Ultimately, I don’t just want to tell a story or two. I want to manny-ifest folklore!
Finally, regarding the reference to the “Tales From Topographic Oceans” album: Old School Yes fans among my readers will get it. Go forth, and tell the others!!!!