Back-up Vocal~ The “Zoop Magazine” idea was really only meant to be one strip. Just the review itself. Nothing more. But, over very recent time, it has built to a story arc idea with a life of it’s own. Just a few years ago, I used to draw lots of “One Shot” pictures of my characters, doing silly things. As this magazine idea developed, I found that a few of these pictures where prime for use in this next story thread. Starting with the cover.
British guitar magazines have played a considerable role in where this story arc is heading. The British DO NOT play games when they review gear. They incorporate technical knowledge, as well as a vast understanding of music history, to present all aspects of a product. When they critique a new guitar, bass, amplifier, or sound enhancement device, they reveal everything they like AND dislike about it. Plus, they write in an extremely eloquent fashion, so the reader feels they get the full scope of the product. Now, we throw Manifold© Guitars under the microscope? God help us.