Back-up Vocal~ One of the elements I love the most in writing “Mannyacs”, lies in the moments when I can explore the world of Non Sequitur humor. For any aspiring Comedy Web Comic writers among the readers, take note: there is MAGNIFICENT room to move in the realms of completely random humor.
Within the vast forest of Pop Culture references I make, I primarily hitch my wagon to the 70’s and 80’s era. So, it is somewhat uncommon that I will salute celebrities or music legends, from a time frame that would be considered even relatively current. But, in the case of actor Bruce Greenwood, I will happily make an exception. I have been a true Greenwood fan for twenty years. Ever since he stared in the “Nowhere Man” tv series back in the 90’s. He spent a large portion of his acting career as one of Hollywood’s best kept secrets. I’m thrilled that the rebooted “Star Trek” movies gave him the recognition he has deserved for far too long. He’s Captain Pike. Check him out!