Back-up Vocal~ This one was inspired by an off-hand conversation I recently had with another cartoonist friend. He is quite prolific in his work, especially in the realm of merchandising for his creations. He had mentioned that he gets orders from fans in other countries, and the price for shipping to Australia is particularly steep. That fired off the pistons for the ideas that became this new comic strip. A word to all aspiring cartoonists out there: listen to your friends. Pay attention
to their discussions. You can find some great material waiting for use in your work.
There’s gold in them hills.
The “Zoop Magazine” idea has been bopping around in my head for a few years now. Between my friend’s comment, the magazine thread fleshing itself out, plus some old fashioned good timing, I found that I finally have room for this next story arc. As for the “A-Team” mention, I’ll throw in a Stephen Cannell Shout-Out wherever I can. Why? Because he gave us “Wiseguy“!