Back-up Vocal~ This was another strip I initially didn’t plan on making. But, thanks to the Hit Counter in my software, I discovered that my work has garnered a following in Moldova. As a college graduate, I will openly admit to a considerable sense of ignorance and guilt, since I had never heard of the country. Until, I consulted with my father: Princeton graduate, Lawyer, CHINA MARINE! A man of class and sophistication. My own father had never heard of Moldova. So, my shame was quickly relieved.
Then, I did some reading about the country, and yes, Moldova is famous for wine. So, I thought “Ok. MY silly little comic strip about my dogs, has earned readers in a country renowned for wine?! There’s a joke in there, somewhere!” I seem to have found it. So, to my readers in Moldova, I offer my sincere thanks for jumping on board. I don’t drink alcohol, so I ask that you enjoy a glass or two of your wonderful wine FOR me. Then, please drop me a line, and tell me how I liked it!