Back-up Vocal~ So, it is my sincere hope that we here at Mannyacs, have successfully put to rest ALL of those GRISLY rumors about “Highlander” movie sequels. We not only strive to please, but also, to inform and enlighten! As a result, the next time any one of you, my Beloved readers, find yourselves in a used DVD store, and you stumble across “Highlander” 2, 3, 4, OR 5, remember: they are ILLUSIONS! Even IF you hold copies of them in your own hands, THEY DO NOT EXIST!!! They are LIES, lovingly spoon-fed to you by Agents of The Dark One! Go, and tell the others!
That brings us to “Freejack“. I would guess that a few of you out there may have seen this Early 90’s Sci-Fi gem. Now, say what you will about “Freejack”. Lord knows the critics did. But, I admit it WITHOUT reservation: there is a place in my heart for “Freejack”. If for no other reason, than that Scorpions tune on the soundtrack. Thus, I went to some pains to……”acquire” my OFFICIAL “Freejack” movie poster. Whimsical little tale, that one. Remind me to tell you some time……..