Back-up Vocal~ Ok. Normally, I don’t just shy away from tried and true Pop Culture references in my work, I AVOID THEM LIKE SMALLPOX! Star Wars, Star Trek, Video Games, these are all topics which have been run into the ground. So, I leave those realms on the other side of the universe. Because, in my humble assessment, WAAAAAAY too many other web comics have covered them. 
But, I felt “Highlander” was in desperate need of addressing. It has been a favorite for most of my life. A Classic Fantasy film. Further, the “Highlander” tv series had more than it’s share of great moments. That was one truly crafty posse of writers. Kudos to them! Among my circle of friends, we have reached an INDISPUTABLE TRUTH: THERE ARE NO “HIGHLANDER” SEQUELS! WE found the way to bridge the gap, from THE ONE AND ONLY “HIGHLANDER” film, right to the show. WE DID IT FOR YOU! Now, I can’t explain how it works, without invoking HIGHLY Classified Quantum Physics Theory. That’s always ugly. So, you’ve just gotta rest easy and trust me. You’re welcome.