Back-up Vocal~ Here at Mannyacs, we pride ourselves on offering you lovely readers only THE FINEST in High Brow, sophisticated Music and Pop Culture references. For example, to my knowledge, we are the first Web Comic EVER to cite Bass Guitar GIANTS likeTony Levin and Nathan East. We’re working harder for you. We’re diggin’ DEEP!
In that spirit, we offer you “Wiseguy“! For the uninitiated, “Wiseguy” was a late 1980’s Cop Drama show, about an undercover FBI agent working to shut down Organized Crime empires. The writing, acting and character development were ASTOUNDING. For my money, “Wiseguy” was truly the crowning achievement, in the career of show creator, Stephen Cannell. While the content may be considered tame by modern standards, for late 80’s Network television, it was GROUND BREAKING material. Get your hands on the DVDs and see for yourself. Should you need further incentive, know who made his name after staring as a “Wiseguy” villain? Kevin Spacey.  Look it up.