Back-up Vocal~ Two months ago, I was driving a friend to Dentist appointment, and we passed by The Assumption School. My friend lives in that neighborhood, and if memory serves, I believe they said it’s a Catholic School. The name got stuck in my head, and I knew it somehow had to be Manny-fied. Now, I have a few rules for Mannyacs. Principle among them, I don’t get Political, and I NEVER get Religious. But, by removing context and beliefs, and isolating the title on it’s own, just viewing it as two words strung together, I found the name just BEGGED to be used. So, I ran with it. Apologies in advance. For the record, there was no plan in place to have this particular comic strip finished within the same time frame as Easter Weekend. This was purely an accidentof timing. A few stars just lined up the wrong way, and I was off to the races.
As a friendly notice to any younger readers: This next story arc will be locked and loaded with Pop Culture references for those among us who are……of a certain age. Refer to Google if need be.