Back-up Vocal~ Last year, I read a compilation book, published by England’s “Guitarist” Magazine, called “Rock Guitar Heroes”. A collection of interviews with a bevy of guitar GIANTS. One which stood out to me, came from Thin Lizzy guitarist, Scott Gorham. He told a story of a gig he played years ago, where he decided to borrow a trick made famous by Queen guitar legend, Brian May. May stacked his Vox brand amps in a pyramid on stage. The sound was EPIC! So, Gorham tried the trick, with the brand of amps he was using back then. At first the sound was incredible, and he had a crowd pointing at him as he played. So, his ego was flying. But, he quickly discovered the crowd was really pointing at his pyramid of amps behind him. Because, they had ALL BURST INTO FLAMES! Power overload. I loved that story, and knew I had to make it part of Mannyacs history.
For my (Thank you, Jesus) long time readers, sing along, you know the words:
“It was so good, I had to use it!”