Back-up Vocal~ Starting with the one above, this next story arc was inspired by a true event in Rock music history I read about last year. So, an introduction was required, to set it up properly.
As a great fan of music trivia, I keep finding spectacular bits of Rock band folklore. In many cases, they land in my lap when I’m not paying attention. In select others, I prowl for them in Biography books and guitar magazines. Usually, it’s a rare occasion, when I find something great while on the warpath for it. Most often, a slice of magic will present itself at a completely random moment. I just ride the wave, when the right kind of tide rolls in for me. I have no control over it. For that matter, I have no control over ANY aspect of my comic strip, except when a new one gets done. My boys do what they want, when they want, and my job is really just to be ready, when they slow down long enough for me to catch up with them.  Then, they tell me what they’ve been doing, and I share it with you, my (Thank you, Jesus) loyal readers. God’s Honest truth.