Back-up Vocal~ This was a strip I had not planned on making. But, it was crucial that it found it’s
place in the series. The software I use for this website, includes a feature which allows me to track the number of Hits the site receives from all over the world. Over time, I have been shocked to discover where Manny and Company have developed a regular following. For reasons which baffle me, my little dog and pony show has resonated with readers in a range of locations, but especially, Israel, Hungary, The UK and China. So, I made this one, to speak to the Blessing of your devotion.  
While I have no clue what elements of my creation have struck a chord in so many countries where I don’t know a single person, please let me offer my truly humble and heartfelt thanks to ALL of you who have jumped on board for the ride. If my work has somehow brought some sunshine to even one day in the life of someone who needed it, then I’ve done my job. I thank you ALL again for your support and promise you ain’t seen NUTHIN’ yet!!!!