Back-up Vocal~ A few years ago, I had the privilege of watching Neil Zaza play a show at the 
Pittsburgh Hard Rock Cafe. For the uninitiated, Neil Zaza is an INCREDIBLE Instrumental Guitar player, in the same vibe as legends like Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson and Neal Schon. He has been a favorite of mine for several years now.
After the first 3 songs, Zaza grabbed a microphone and said a few words. Instrumental Rock music has a tendency to really throw those with no previous exposure to it. Zaza knows this fact well. So, his humorous speech addressed his own 20 year history of befuddled looks from crowds, who where clearly puzzled by the notion of a band on stage with no singer. As an Instrumental Rock fan, and as an audience member who was there to see him play, I got the joke. So, I took the Zaza speech and ran it through the “Manny-fying Glass”. The strip above was waiting on the other side. Finally, “Itsy Bitsy Spider”? At 20 minutes long? That’s just about THE ONLY tune 70’s Yes never tried!