Back-up Vocal~ In crafting this next one, I was reminded of the 80’s days of electric guitar
history. Those of us in the enthusiast crowd, and of a certain age, cannot help but recall that
magical period, in which the roost was ruled by guitars in the most hideous colors on the
spectrum. Yellows, greens, pinks and purples, in damn near blinding neon and day-glow hues.
As the decade came to a close, the trend burned itself out. Most guitar companies who took part with such fervor, came to their senses and put the rebellion to rest. In favor of more traditional colors. A grateful nation thanks them.
Having said that, we’re putting the spotlight on Manny. Knowing our hero as I do, I know he sees nothing wrong with a truly “throwback” aesthetic. Yet, I have NO CLUE what Manny has against carrots. A free Mannyacs T-shirt to any one of my (Thank you, Jesus) faithful readers who could enlighten me.