Back-up Vocal~ Ah, the drum solo. The proving ground of legends. Several friends have asked me
why I have not made more references to Neil Peart of Rush. I am a huge Rush fan myself. Rush was the first band I ever saw live. GIGANTIC respect to Dr. Peart and his super-human talents. But, a “Tom Sawyer” reference seemed so obvious and expected, that anyone with my type of web comic could make it. So, it was more important to wait for the opportunity to present itself, at a point where a mention of the tune would set the right sort of tone. I seem to have found it.
Gigi” was one of my Granddad’s favorite musicals and he loved to sing songs from it. I’m thrilled
to have a moment to give him a Shout-out. I’ve been wanting to do that for several years. I have no clue how a medley of “Gigi” tunes could be morphed into a drum solo. Yes, the drum intro to The Doors “Break On Through” really is a Bossa nova beat. I learned that a few years ago.
Finally, anybody else out there remember “Street Hawk“? Part of my childhood.
Couldn’t resist it.