Back-up Vocal~ My first idea for this one, was to have all three of the boys together. However, there had been some build-up, regarding their wardrobes. That couldn’t be addressed, if they were all on stage and surrounded by gear. It was just too much. So, I opted for the same solution I applied in Comics 53-55: skip the “Grand Entrance”. Break it all down to an individual moment for each of them. To me, the visual joke of the stage garb was just too important. 
Thus, I chose to make the “Highlight Reel” of the DBS 3 Splendorland University gig, and jump to the “Solo Spots”. In crafting the ideas for this next series, I was reminded of several legendary bands of the 80’s. They ran concerts, in which EVERY MEMBER played a solo segment. While the rest of the band vanished. For 5 minutes. Or 10 minutes. Or more. In some cases, it was TRULY spectacular! In others, it sparked 3 HOUR concerts, filled with TORTUROUSLY self-indulgent solos. From musicians who had NO BUSINESS playing them. Which one happened here? You judge.