Back-up Vocal~When I contemplate the early days of some favorite bands, I always harken
back to their stage wardrobes. A few of them went through the kimono phase. Some chose capes
with sequins. Some tried both directions, then ADDED full face make up. Point being, care was taken in creating personas to complement the music. It was a matter of pride in stage presence and presentation. While many bands have done it, First, Second and Third generation Progressive Rock (1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s), always seemed to offer that sense of spectacle, with a much broader element 0f reckless abandon. A grandiose gestalt not found in other music forms. I have to say, I miss those days.
Such is now the case, as Manny strives to establish The DBS 3 stage identity, and determine 
what clothing will best BURN their image into some retinas.
Regarding my “That Girl” reference: Kids, ask your parents.