Back-up Vocal~ So, I’ve been listening to a lot of Queen lately. For the uninitiated, Brian May would always close the concerts with a truly breathtaking Instrumental guitar rendition of
“God Save The Queen”. To a degree, that inspired several elements of this one. There were a
few other songs I had considered mentioning. But, when I found the Brian May performance, I knew I had to cite it. This also lead to the notion of Manny’s past adventures earning him enough notoriety, that an MI-6 presence at the band’s first live gig, made all the sense in the world.
Over time, I’m finding that several breadcrumbs of my previous offerings, are really lending
themselves to broader application in more recent work. Rest assured, nobody is more surprised than I am, when a casual bauble of my own writing reveals itself as a bright, shiny new dime.
That’s really what turns the gears of the “Manny-chinery”. So, Thank God for the hovercraft.