Back-up Vocal~ So, we reach the final chapter of “The Big Rig Romp”. Once again, IMMENSE thanks go out to Premier Guitar Magazine, for inspiring this little jaunt. An additional truly
sincere Shout-Out must also be sent to Premier staff writer, John Bohlinger, for always being
such a wonderful chap to me.
My goal with this last offering, was to poke some good-natured fun at the realm of guitar and bass
“Tech Talk”. Because NOBODY understands it, unless they’re musicians. I only have a moderate
grasp of the vernacular, from decades of reading guitar magazines. So, I can hold my own pretty 
well in a gear discussion with artists of the four, five and six string kingdoms. Until they wax philosophical about mmplifiers. Then, they may as well be giving me 1970’s NASA launch codes. Again, if the bass players named above are new to you, feel free to investigate their work.
They are all cited here for a reason.