Back-up Vocal~ Ok, so we have the “Big Rig Romp” Phase II. Devoted to Soxx and his arsenal
of Percussion instruments for the first DBS 3 Live gig. Again, serious kudos go out to Premier Guitar Magazine and their “Rig Roundup” video series, for inspiring this three part bit. Additional
thanks must be offered to Megadeth bass player, David Ellefson. I read his autobiography, and he shared that in his early days in Los Angeles, he worked as a Telemarketer.
Having done that sort of work myself (not proud of it, not ashamed of it, either), I know how
soul-wrenching it really can be, depending on the day. So, I felt a shout-out was warranted.
Regarding the Batucada: I remember learning about them in a high school assembly. If you have
never heard of them, well, y’all ARE reading a web comic. Don’t be shy. Look them up on Google, and read about them yourself. Then, you’ve learned something new along the way. Happy to help.