Back-up Vocal~ Premier Guitar Magazine has a youtube video series called “The Rig Rundown”.
This spectacular collection, takes fans backstage at real venues, to showcase the arsenal of
guitars played by legendary musicians on tour. Guitars, amps and even sound pedals are displayed and explained. The purpose, is to show music fans what gear their heroes use on stage.
I’ve seen videos from Rush,Cheap Trick, Styx and solo icons like Steve Vai, Buddy Guy, Eric Johnson, Joe Satriani and of course, Steve Howe.
After watching about 15 of them, I knew I had to try my hand at it, and make my own. It struck me that the best way to approach it, was to devote one “Big Rig Romp” to each member of Manny’s band. So, above is the first of 3. My thanks to Premier Guitar Magazine for the inspiration. THEIR take on this exact same concept is insightful, informative and enlightening. Mine AIN’T!